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Locație: Cluj-Napoca

I started photographing on film in 1998 using a Smena Symbol. Nobody ever taught me anything, and I didn't take any photo course. I had to break down a few cameras and a lot of films to understand how this works. I mostly used a '70s Smena 8M for my pictures, and also other film cameras such as Zenit E, Pentax 105R, Olympus & Canon. Since none of my cameras was a SLR, and they had to be manually prepared & set in order to take a photo, I focused my attention on static stuff - mostly architecture, statues, vehicles and sometimes people. I love old stuff & places, and love to travel a lot.
I never had and actually don't own a digital camera, except for the one incorporated in my cellphone, which I sometimes use when I run out of film. :)
I'm also a musician, playing drums and producing music along with my band, Noverbia.

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